Gel System YR04961- YR04962

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Product Introduction

The Gel Documentation and Analysis System are designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts a high-resolution and high-sensitivity scientific CCD camera, which enables the instrument to capture absolutely weak signals under extremely low lighting conditions. The automatic controls and intuitive software that we offer can help researchers get rid of the complicated operating process and thus increase the efficiency of the experiment.

Gel Inspection

Various dyes, for example, Ethidium Bromide, SYBR β„’ Gold, SYBR β„’ Green, SYBR β„’ Safe, GelStar β„’, Texas Red, Fluorescein, tagged DNA / RNA detection.

Protein inspection

Commassie Brilliant Blue, Silver Staining, and Fluorescent dyes, for example: Sypro β„’ Red, Sypro β„’ Orange, Deep Purple, Pro-Q Diamond, etc.


Others: ELISA plate, Petri dish colony counter, TLC plate, etc.


Gel Doc System Features

RIM Molding Polymer

The front panel and door are designed by Reaction Injection Molding. It is friendly with the environment.

Upgrade easily

Select a configuration for your applications now and update later when applying different applications by adding another tray or hardware module:

a) UV Transmission

b) UV + BLUE Light transmission

c) UV + BLUE + White light transmission

Better user experience

Depending on the application, only use Arabic numerals, which are automatically combined in different applications, instead of the professional parameter of aperture and focus.

Switchable mode of operation

You can use your machine with a standalone PC or a PC with a built-in touch screen. You just need to press the “toggle button” easily.

SMART β„’ UV Transilluminator

Compared to traditional UV transilluminator, UV Smart β„’ “no-lamp” design provides uniform transmission and better background.

Blue and white light transilluminator

The magnetic interfaces of the thimble make a free switch between transmitting blue light and white light. The tactile brightness adjustment switch makes it easy to observe and retrieve the gel.


Additional Information

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YR04961, YR04962


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