Automated microtome YR415-1

Fabricante: Kalstein

Fabricante: Kalstein

Product Description


  • This machine uses an optimized design, with advanced functions, stable and reliable performance, and ease of use;
  • The feeding system uses an intelligent control mechanism; allowing quick switching between manual or automated smart cutting modes; automatic cutting speed is adjustable;
  • Advanced transmission systems and multiple functions including sectioning, clipping, fast forward, fast reverse, fast mode conversion including automatic retract;
  • It incorporates an international advanced screw movement mechanism to ensure precision, thus achieving superior cutting performance;
  • Pure green digital display of slice thickness, slice thickness, slice count, and slice speed;
  • Trimming and cutting are operated under one control system and can be easily changed. The automatic cutting controller can be equipped on the left or right side; When the automatic slicing controller is off, semiautomatic slicing or slicing can still be performed;
  • Automatic cutting speed is continuously adjustable
  • With safety and emergency braking systems, safety alarm systems, driver overload protection and an automatic suspension protection system;
  • Offers quick and easy change between different sample clamps (two options: paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp);
  • The balance of the steering wheel is precisely adjusted and can be locked in any position to ensure the safety of operation;
  • The blade holder can be moved laterally to prevent the blade from moving in direct contact, allowing the full length of the blade to be used. (three different segments);
  • The red guard bar on the blade holder covers the entire length of the blade to protect the user and the push bar allows easy blade changes;
  • The balance of the steering wheel is precisely adjusted and can be locked in any position to ensure the safety and convenience of the section;
  • The large volume debris tray is easy to remove and items such as drop blades can be stored on top of the housing.

Additional Information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 68 × 57 × 47 cm

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