Analytical balance

Fabricante:Β Kalstein



Fabricante:Β Kalstein

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Analytical Balance

The model of this analytical balance has an electromagnetic sensor. In addition, it also has an LCD backlight display that makes viewing values ​​much easier and clearer. In addition, it is operator friendly with direct weight and directly reads the weighing results. This model is very smart, making it the right outfit for you. One of its most important characteristics is that it increases and returns to zero within the entire weighing range. Also, it has an overhead screen.

Another important feature that you should know about this analytical balance is that it has a multiple choice mode that includes count, weight percent, and density weight. Also, it comes with an RS-232C interface, which is easy to connect with a printer, computer, and other output device. The frame size of this model is 325mm x 205mm x 305mm and its weight is 8kg. There are two versions of this analytical equilibrium model. First, there is the YR01766 with a capacity of 120g and then there is the YR01767 with a capacity of 220g.


Analytical Balance Features

  • Electromagnetic sensor
  • Backlit LCD screen, easy and clear.
  • Easy to use, direct weighing, directly read the weighing result
  • Very smart, tare and re-zero within the entire weighing range, overload display
  • Multi-mode option: count weigh weight percentage 、 density weight
  • With RS-232 interface, easy to connect with printer, computer and other output device
  • Frame size / weight: 325 * 205 * 305mm / 8kg

Additional Information

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37 × 40 cm

YR01766, YR01767


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