Anatomopathology or pathological anatomy.

Pathological anatomy or anatomous-pathology is the human and veterinary medical discipline that allows the recognition of macroscopic and microscopic abnormalities of biological tissues and pathological cells taken from living or deceased beings. The pathological anatomy allows the recognition of cellular and tissue anomalies, called lesions, to make a diagnosis, they made a prognosis and understand the causes and mechanisms of anomalies.

Pathologists use several appliances in addition to the microscope: specialized specialized baths for histology, paraffin distributors, refrigerated plates, tissue processing machines, paraffin inclusion stations.

  • The refrigerated platforms or the refrigerant rotating trails allow to quickly cool the inclusion cassettes after molding with warm paraffin. The refrigerant plates allow a faster demolding from the block and, therefore, a savings time.
  • Paraffin inclusions are complete platforms comprising a refrigerated plate, an inclusion zone and thermostatic tray. They allow an impeccable coating of previously dehydrated tissues and guarantee the perfect formation of the blocks. The good realization of the inclusion blocks allows the good quality of the cut and the good preservation of the sampling. These inclusion stations allow the user to save a lot of time.

Types of products to work in the pathological anatomy sector.

Tissue water bath

It is a fundamental step in every histology laboratory, since it is a fundamental procedure to make courts...


Tissue Flotation

It is essential that all devices work correctly. This step is very important in all laboratories of histology...


Cooling plate

The cooling process is a fundamental step in every histology laboratory, since it is a fundamental procedure for...


Tissue processing

The staining process is a routine technique that reveals exceptional details of the structure of the tissue and the composition of the cells ...


Slide warmers

In histology laboratories to achieve the correct results. Knowing every detail is one of the qualities you should have...


Microtomes series

Microtomy is a method for the preparation of thin sections for materials such as bones, minerals and teeth, and an alternative to electric...


Automatic Slide Stainer

The staining process is a routine technique that reveals exceptional details of the structure of the tissue and the composition of the cells...


Paraffin dispenser

Any histology laboratory must have paraffin wax to carry out the processing process so the operator...


Our best selling product

Tissue processor YR427 (small type)

This device has a resistant housing with aerodynamic design covered with APS with high corrosion resistance. It has an economic, practical design, which saves reagents, with little space and low cost, has two sets of operating programs and two sets of programs that extend time; All built-in programs have memory function, besides this machine has a single-chip computer control technology that allows a complete set of functions. The cover is plexiglas well sealed with gas, ecological and safe flow mechanism.

Another great feature is that this tissue processor has a large-capacity reagent cup, which means that more than 40 tissue samples can be processed simultaneously. You should know that this device is not affected by short blackouts or power cuts during the operation, the manual adjustment can be performed at any time during the programmed automatic operation; Then, the system automatically enters the operation. It has an internal dry heating mechanism with high precision temperature control, has a two-dimensional and flexible transmission system, with low noise level and wear resistant. The high-precision photoelectric positioning control system guarantees reliable operation and precise positioning, this model has a totally intelligent design, which allows timely determination and recovery of an abnormal event.



Rotary microtome YR422


Automated slide staining YR436-1


Tissue Inclusion Center YR439


Tissue Inclusion Center YR442


Cooling plate YR440

Water Bath YR449

Slide Dryer YR453


Paraffin dispenser YR459

Updated Kalstein.

What is your ideal pathological anatomy equipment?

There is an infinity of models, so it is normal that you do not know which team of pathological anatomy purchases to meet your needs. In Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

Inclusion of laboratory paraffin - Kalstein

For the inclusion of histological samples to be observed with the optical microscope, paraffin, and to a lesser extent celoidin...


Laboratory tissue water bath - Kalstein

Water baths are a very common element in any type of microbiological laboratory. This type of equipment is a container that...


Processing for histological studies

Tissue processing is a very important part of any histology laboratory, and begins with obtaining the tissue under study. In the case...


Automatic staining of slide YR435-1

  • Electronic module design. The stainer meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining. For different laboratories,
    and staining can be accomplished simultaneously or individually for good efficacy.
  • Color touch screen makes entry date and search convenient, different staining schedules, and progress displayed on the interface.
  • Staining program initiated by color code and constantly displayed on the interface.
  • 10 game programs can be processed, the 10-piece staining rack can be processed simultaneously, and any program runs at any time.
  • 26 Reagent Station, two of them can be waiting stations. Optimizes staining progress when multiple staining grids are operating simultaneously.
  • The staining rack enters and exits the top and bottom loading drawers. 2 loading racks and 3 unloading racks.
  • Mechanical reach of the arm in any station in 1 second at high speed, the frequency of raising and lowering the grid can be set
    staining capacity Staining capacity: 400 pieces of slides in one hour

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