A homogenizer is a very important equipment among the components of a laboratory, because it allows to carry out the process of homogenization of different types of materials; such as tissues, food, plants and other biological or chemical elements.

Note that homogenization is a very common step in the preparation of biological samples in laboratories, such as before the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, or the study of cells, metabolism, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses as well as other scientific purposes.


Types of Homogenizers a laboratory may need


This type of homogenizer operates with a process in which an upstream of fluid that can be liquid, gas or both, suspends solid particles; which behave like a fluid. This device regularly comes in large sizes, which often represents a drawback for labs.

They have a system designed to achieve excellent homogenization due to a rotor with blade blades that rotates in a steady state at high speed having holes, where the fluid moves. In many cases it offers multi-phase configurations of rotors and stators and special ultra-thin meshes that provide intense high shearing, further reducing homogenization times by reducing the number of required recirculation steps.


Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasound homogenizer: It offers a mechanical process in which particles are reduced in a liquid, in order to obtain uniformity in size and distribution (improving product stability). This type of homogenizers are on the market for both laboratories and industrial scale, presented in various sizes to fit your need.

They have rotating movements, working at speeds ranging from Min: 5000 rpm and Max: 35000 rpm. Available models typically use tips  polycarbonate or stainless steel test. It is ideal if you want to move from one place to another for testing, have a good level of homogenization by the high speed motor and has high torque. 


In Kalstein You can find the ideal homogenizers for your laboratory

At Kalstein we have an excellent range of Homogenizers  for your lab. So we invite you to take a look at some of the available homogenizers

Emulsifying machine YR05013 // YR05014

The YR series of emulsifying machines is suitable for mixing low, medium and high viscosity liquids in the laboratory...


Head of Agitation YR05008 // YR05012

It is powered by a micro-high speed motor with stable performance Continuous speed adjustment, it can be...


Homogenizer Electric roof shaker YR02956

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred to motorized gear driven ...


Ultrasonic Homogenizer  YR05015 // YR05020

With the overload protection function and the horn does not invade the liquid, it will automatically protect the horn from...


Our best-selling Homogenizer

Model YR05015 YR05016 YR05017 YR05018 YR05019 YR05020
Power (Continuous) 1.5 – 150W 2-5 – 250 W 10 – 650 W 10 – 900 W 20 – 1 200W 50 – 1 800W
Mixing Capacity 0.1 – 150 ml 0.1 – 300 ml 0.1 – 500 ml 0.1 – 600 ml 1 – 1 000 ml 1 – 1 200ml
Optional Probe (mm) Ø 2/3/8 Ø 2/3/8/10 Ø 2/3/10/12 Ø 2/3/10/12/15 Ø 3/6/10/15/22/25 Ø 3/6/10/15/20/25/28
Ultrasonic Setting Time 0.1 – 99.9s
Single Stop Time 0.1 – 99.9s

Analysis of the best Homogenizers for your laboratory

What is a laboratory homogenizer?

Homogenization is a chemical process where various insoluble substances are constantly and intensively mixed...


How does a homogenizer work?

The homogenizer is laboratory equipment that is used for the homogenization of a variety of materials, such as tissues...


Type of homogenizers according to  fabrication 

Currently on the market many models of laboratory homogenizers. Next, at Kalstein we'll show you...


What does homogenized mean?

A homogenization refers to something that has undergone a process of homogenization. Homogenization ...


Catalog of Homogenizers models on offer


Guides for you to become an expert in Homogenizers

There are a myriad of models, so it is normal that you do not know which Homogenizers buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you're looking for.

Homogenizer in a laboratory: When is it necessary?

A laboratory homogenizer is equipment that is used to homogenize various samples, that is, it is commonly used in ...

Homogenizer, what are the different types?

A homogenizer is a laboratory equipment that is used to carry out the homogenization process of different types of...

What should you know about a lab homogenizer?

These equipment are used to ensure that all components of the prepared suspensions possess...

Laboratory Sample Homogenizers

Laboratory homogenizers are used to guarantee that all the components of the prepared suspensions have the same characteristics. They are also used for gentle mixing for fast and accurate resuspension of cells and components of ...

Homogenizer videos in operation

In this section you will find videos of our Homogenizers in operation, packed, receiving service, etc.

Homogenizers in operation

This apparatus is used with a variety of samples that makes it an indispensable equipment in the medical, biological and industrial laboratory, since it is used in samples such as tissues, plants, food, soil, and many others; The models of these devices can be found in different classification, from those used in the industries to those used in laboratories, in KALSTEIN we can offer you different models but very complete with the requirements of any demanding laboratory.

  • Types of homogenizers brand KALSTEIN
  • Electric roof shaker with digital display YR02956.
  • YR05013 emulsifying machine // YR05014
  • Shake head YR05008 // YR05012
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer YR05015 // YR05020

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