Kiire külmutatud tsentrifuug YR0113

Tootja: Kalstein
Certificacion Europea

Tootja: Kalstein

Certificacion Europea

Toote kirjeldus

In this case, we present two models: YR0113 and YR0112. Both models are centrifuges used to collect microorganisms and cell samples. The maximum RCF of these high-speed centrifuges is 64983 g and its maximum speed is 25000 rpm. On the control system, both models work with a microcomputer control, an electronic lock and a variable conversion engine, which offers a high torque.

These refrigerated centrifuges work with an imported compressor unit that works with a refrigerant without CFC. This means that these models comply with environmental standards. Another great feature is that these are programmable machines, so the operating data can be stored automatically. The YR0113 model comes with an LCD screen and YR0112 with a LED screen with a touch panel, which makes the operation a lot. Other excellent features of these high-speed refrigerated centrifuges are:

  • Autoblock device.
  • Overvel treatment device.
  • Overheater safety device.
  • Imbalance safety device.
  • Automatic alarm device.

Real speed conversation of speed and RCF is very convenient for operation. Finally, these models have 10 acceleration and deceleration level files for you to choose. On the ability of these models, you should know that the maximum is 1000 ml x 4. The temperature setting is -20 to 40 degrees celsius. The power supply is AC220V 50HZ 30A and the external dimensions are (LXWXH) 710MMX840MMX1200MM with a net weight of 290kg.

Tehniline esitlus
  • The maximum speed is 25000 rpm and the maximum RCF is 64983 g.
  • It has microcomputer control, electronic lock and AC variable conversion engine that offers a high torque.
  • Imported compressor unit with refrigerant without CFC. It is up to the environmental standards.
  • The machine is programmable. The operating data can be stored automatically.
  • YR0113 has LCD and YR0112 has LED display. The tactile panel facilitates the operation.
  • Real-time Speed and RCF conversation is suitable for operation.
  • It has a self-locking device, overspeed safety device, overheating safety device, imbalance safety device and automatic alarm device.
  • It has 10 acceleration files and slowdown level for your choice.
Mudel YR0113 YR0112
Maksimaalne kiirus 25,000r/min 25,000r/min
RCF Max 52,000 xg 50 400 xg
Maksimaalne võimsus 1000ml x 4ml 1000ml x 4ml
Speed ​​Accuracy ±50r/min ±50r/min
Time Settings 1 min to 99 min
Temperature setting (-)20 ~ +40°C
Compressor Unit French Tecumseh Compressor Unit, R40Aa
Müra <65dB(A)
Toiteallikas AC220V 50Hz 20A
Mõõtmed (W×D×H) 710mm x 840mm x 1200mm
Pakendi suurus (pikkus x laius x kõrgus) 890 x 960 x 1400 (mm)
Netokaal 290kg

Täiendav teave

Kaal -
Mõõtmed -

YR0112 con pantalla LED, YR0113 con pantalla LCD


(YR0112-1-1) Rotor de ángulo – 25000rpm – RCF: 64983 – Capacidad (ml) 1.5ml/2.2ml×24, (YR0112-1-2) Rotor de ángulo – 25000 rpm – RCF: 64983 – Capacidad (ml) 5ml×10, (YR0112-10) Rotor de flujo continuo – 8000rpm – RCF: 9500 – Capacidad (ml) 3000ml, (YR0112-11) Rotor de flujo continuo – 16000rpm – RCF: 28100 – Capacidad (ml) 1000ml, (YR0112-12) Rotor de flujo continuo – 10000rpm – RCF: 14800 – Capacidad (ml) 3000ml, (YR0112-2) Rotor de ángulo – 23000rpm – RCF: 60900 – Capacidad (ml) 10ml×16, (YR0112-3) Rotor de ángulo – 18000rpm – RCF: 40930 – Capacidad (ml) 50ml×8, (YR0112-4) Rotor de ángulo – 14000rpm – RCF: 30200 – Capacidad (ml) 250ml×6, (YR0112-5) Rotor de ángulo – 10000rpm – RCF: 17800 – Capacidad (ml) 500ml×6, (YR0112-6) Rotor de ángulo – 7000rpm – RCF: 9980 – Capacidad (ml) 1000ml×4, (YR0112-7) Rotor de microplacas – 4000rpm – RCF: 2236 – Capacidad (ml) 8×96well, (YR0112-8) Rotor oscilante – 5000rpm – RCF: 5470 – Capacidad (ml) 750ml×4, (YR0112-9) Rotor de flujo continuo – 14000rpm – RCF: 21500 – Capacidad (ml) 1000ml


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